Happy Tails for Daisie

February 10, 2017

Hello all - Daisie here. I have been in my ‘forever home’ with my bestest buddy (Harley) for almost two years. My parents have come a long way and I believe I want to stay. Harley definitely wants to stay as she cannot keep her black rubber bone out of her ’trap’. We are being well cared for and are thankful we could save these pathetic humans from a life of boredom. We get to investigate the neighborhood at least two times a day. I pretend I can’t poop in the yard so I get an extra walk in the morning. Harley has mastered the morning poop in our yard but enjoys the two outings for our constitution.

My Mom and Dad are really are crazy over us and we like it that way! How many other dogs can say they have three beds each in their home? My Mom found using fitted baby crib sheets work great to protect our beds & so easy to wash (I like to watch her hang them out as they smell so fresh)…

Thanks for all you have done for me and my sister Harley (previously known as Hershey), Daisie

Oh yea, look at the pictures where we are pretending to be domestic, man that is a tough act!

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