Community Outreach 2008

Did you know that LRR does more than rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for unwanted dogs? On this page you can find out more about just some of the things LRR is doing to help dogs throughout our community.

November 2008

LRR donated these new books to R.E.A.D:

  • Clifford Goes to Washington
  • Clifford’s Good Deeds
  • Clifford’s Tricks
  • Harry, the Dirty Dog
  • AlphaTales Letter D: Detective Dog and the Disappearing Donuts
  • Krypto the Superdog Superpet
  • Biscuit Goes to School
  • Biscuit Wants to Play
  • Biscuit’s New Trick
  • Arthur’s New Puppy
  • Do Your Ears Hang Low
  • Clifford to the Rescue

R.E.A.D. is a program pioneered by Intermountain Therapy Animals in Salt Lake City, Utah and it is achieving amazing results in improving reading skills in young children. In this program, children read to dogs who are tested for health, safety, and temperament and then trained to work alongside children in a therapeutic setting. These service dogs in training are perfect for this role and R.E.A.D. has launched their own program. Volunteer training is underway. If this sounds like something you would like to help with, contact them at

October 2008

LRR donated several dog toys for the annual Pets on Wheels Dog-A-Thon raffle table. These toys included: Sheep Tuffy, Ring Tuffy, Fish Tuffy, Frisbee west paw, Tux west paw, and Bone west paw. Pets on Wheels is a not for profit volunteer organization which provides friendly visits from volunteers and their pets to those requiring the support of an institutional setting.

September 2008

LRR appreciates all the efforts of our veterans who fight for our country to keep us safe. Many wounded soldiers come back home and look for future careers, the Dog Tags program at the DC Humane Society provides that opportunity for those veterans. As a thank you, LRR donated new agility equipment to the Dog Tags program at the DC Humane Society.

Dog Tags prepares wounded soldiers, recovering at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, for a future career in the animal behavior industry through a 3 tier certificate level training curriculum. The soldiers come twice a week to their Behavior & Learning Center and learn skills that enable them to pursue either a hobby or a career working with animals, all-the-while, providing training, enrichment, and companionship for the WHS cats and dogs that are awaiting adoption. This program gives WHS an opportunity to give back to the injured men and women of the Armed Forces while creating healing relationships that benefit both humans and animals.

For the past two years instead of receiving birthday presents from her friends, local kid hero Anna has been collecting donations of leashes, toys, and treats for LRR. On Saturday September 6th Anna was at the Francis Scott Key Mall in Frederick County with Kids Are Heroes to raise funds for each Kid Hero’s charity including LRR, and to get the word out to families about rescue organizations and animal adoption.


May 2008

LRR made a financial donation to the Canine Fitness Center in Annapolis area to support their drive for oxygen masks for the Anne Arundel County MD Fire and Medical Emergency Services.

March, 2008

In the spirit of Bite Prevention Week, on March 25th an LRR representative and adopted dog visited with King Solomon’s Christian Academy in Sterling, VA and presented a hands-on class to approximately 50 preschool children titled “May I Pet Your Dog?” emphasizing safe interaction with dogs. The children received coloring books and the school received a book for their library by the same name as the class by Stephanie Calmenson. LRR hopes to continue to offer this class. Please contact us if you are interested in us visiting your elementary school, preschool or day camp in the DC metro area.

LRR made a financial donation to the National War Dogs Monument whose mission is to To build and dedicate a National War Dogs monument in Washington DC to honor the service and sacrifices of all military working dog teams of all US armed services of all wars and peacekeeping missions since WWI.

LRR donated pet products to DC Humane Society. The donation of these pet products included collars, harnesses, and leashes for the lost and abandoned animals.

LRR made a financial donation to Maryland’s Montgomery County Humane Society to assist with a cruelty case where an animal was neglected and near starvation. The MCHS in Rockville, Maryland is a non-profit animal welfare organization that has provided animal sheltering services for Montgomery County for over 40 years. They shelter approximately 10,000 animals and service the animal-related needs of approximately 100,000 people yearly.

LRR donated Wal-Mart gift cards to Maryland’s Caroline County, Maryland’s Harford County, and Virginia’s Fauquier County animal shelters to help them purchase much-needed supplies.

LRR donated seven sets of animal oxygen masks to Charles County Government Emergency Medical Services Division in LaPlata, MD.

February, 2008

LRR donated a set of animal oxygen masks and resuscitation bags to Delmarva Search and Rescue. This group works in the DC/MD/VA/DE regions and also travels to provide support during national disasters. Their dogs fearlessly work in dangerous environments to help rescue people, and this equipment will help the dogs if they are injured.

Frontline flea and tick preventative was provided free of charge to our 53 Loyal Order of Labs dogs.

LRR sponsored a vaccination clinic for LRR alumni to vaccinate and test for communicable disease as required by local law.

January, 2008

LRR financially sponsored two community members to enroll and become certified at Pet First Aid instructors through the American Red Cross.

LRR made a financial donation to the Loudoun County Chapter of the Red Cross to sponsor 10 community members to take the Pet First Aid class. The class teaches people help their pets in emergency situations. The class teaches how to approach a sick or injured animal; Administering medications; Recognizing an emergency; Performing CPR and first aid; Treating common problems and emergencies requiring immediate attention; and what to stock in a pet first aid kit.

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